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No two companies are the same.
The rates do not have to be either.

Depending on the needs of your company we can develop customized solutions that include specific rates for your case.

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We are a start-up formed by professionals with an extensive experience who are committed to sustainable mobility grounded on technological development.

If cars and mobility are your passion, if technology is part of your daily life, if you aspire to participate in a project that will change mobility in Spain in a sector that is starting a process of deep transformation, Celering is undoubtedly your project.

We look for committed professionals, with strong teamwork capabilities, ready to assume responsibilities and challenges in a flexible and highly demanding work environment, based on personal responsibility and on customer service and customer orientation.

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Tu empresa también puede empezar a beneficiarse desde ahora mismo de las ventajas y el ahorro de la nueva movilidad. Si necesitas más información, quieres conocer más ejemplos o simplemente quieres darte de alta, haz click aquí.
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Mobility plan:
A study that includes all the personal and professional mobility needs of employees; it proposes an optimal overall solution that covers all those needs. Solutions can go from public transportation to private, mixed, or company use of each means of transportation.
Mobility manager:
This person manages all the mobility in a certain area. This profile studies the area's transportation offering and can give individual transportation solutions bringing together all the options at hand.
What can a mobility manager do?
Put employees who live near each other in contact to share their cars. Indicate a public transportation route that improves the employee's commute. Start up a shuttle bus to get employees from the center of the city to work. Assign a carsharing vehicle to employees with poor public transportation options.
This is a shared use model in which several people use the same car at different times of the day to make different trips.
This is a shared use model in which several people use the same car at the same time to make a trip.
This is a shared use model using a van to go somewhere as a group. The route is chosen by the users and doesn’t usually run several times a day.
This is a shared use model with a route that has one or more drop-off or pick-up points. The route is not chosen by the users and usually does the same one several times a day.